EPS for Businesses

Adding Value to Your Benefits Package

Reduce Taxes

We administer several tax-advantage plans that allow employees to use their pre-tax dollars to pay for benefit costs, allowing you to lower your overall share of FICA and FUTA taxes.

Rise in Health Care Costs

Employers today are faced with rising health care premiums that are reducing profits and diminishing traditional benefit plans.

How to Alleviate

Voluntary benefit plans provide a rich benefit plan at an easy and affordable rate. The cafeteria-style allows employees to select the coverage that they want and can afford. This reduces costs as you can maintain core benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and supply optional benefits that can be 100% employee-paid.

The BIG Question:

Given the explosion in health insurance costs and the fact that medical insurance is now a commodity and the pressure it has placed on your business profitability, how can you differentiate your place of employment and improve retention strategy without spending a dime?

Voluntary Benefit Plans administered by Employee Plans Services

How We Will Help Your Organization:

  • Enhance your employee benefit program without a cost
  • Attract and retain employees at the same benefits level as large & small corporations
  • Gives employees choices and control of what benefits that are needed for their family and finances
  • Reduce your payroll taxes and lower taxes for employees so they can afford to increase their benefits
  • Improve profitability and employee satisfaction

Lower Turnover and Higher Employee Appreciation

With this style of benefits, you can provide the kinds of benefits that employees would expect from a large corporation, on a small business budget. Allowing for employee satisfaction and talent retention with the ability to choose the exact coverage plan for their needs, employees will appreciate the expansion in your benefits plan.

Why Businesses Need Voluntary Benefits

It’s simple: Lower Administration
Voluntary benefits allow you to take various benefit plans out of your hands and reduce administration work for your business. Employees with voluntary benefits work directly through Employee Plans Services and insurance carriers to manage their coverage.