EPS for Education

Adding Value to Your Benefits Package

Voluntary Benefit Plans for School Systems

EPS has offered the highest quality services and administration to the education market for decades. Our expertise in the K-12 voluntary benefit workplace and complete program administration since 1975 enables us to address all your requirements for benefit administration. We have been working with top insurance carriers to offer voluntary benefits to the education marketplace and we fully understand all the requirements related to school systems. 

Benefits of Working with EPS

  • EPS provides all policy administration at no cost
  • We handle all billing and have automated payroll/ ACH deductions
  • Coordinate experienced enrollers for policy registration during open enrollment
  • Handle all customer service, processing of applications, and claims assistance
  • Pay all costs associated with marketing and communications (brochures and mailings, newsletter overviews, etc.)
  • Design seminars and trainings for all programs
  • Designing a program for school visits, enrollment schedules and educational programs
  • Offers Section 125 Plans and flexible spending options

EPS Can Provide All Administration at No Cost or Work to Your Organization 

EPS will provide all administration and reconciliation for the monthly premiums. We consider premiums applied immediately once payments are provided. Accurate record keeping is one of the key benefits of working with our company, without adding extra work for your staff. EPS will be responsible for ensuring that payments are applied and payment records are accurate. We can guarantee this in a service level agreement. We also handle all administration for claims, enrollment, and customer services at no cost to your organization.

There are no separate charges billed to your school system. Completing monthly billing reconciliation, claims, inquires, customer support, and administration saves the benefits office a substantial amount on their expenditures in the payroll department.

EPS for New Teachers

EPS is the perfect place for new teachers looking to supplement their health and life coverage. EPS has a working relationship with top carriers like Aflac, and The Hartford, all of which offer a great variety of disability insurance plans. Our experienced and knowledgeable representatives are there to assist you as you choose the best plan for you and your family.