Types of Plans

​A diverse selection of plans to fit any employee's needs

Employee & Family Protection Plans:

  • Individual/Group Health
  • Insurance
  • Maternity
  • Short & Long Term Disability
  • Life/AD&D
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Dental & Vision
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Hospital/ICU

Hartford Income Protection

A beneficial plan for protection after sick bank/leave and short-term disability

Why do I need Supplemental Plans?

If you are a teacher enrolled in your respective Union’s Sick Leave Bank/Sick Leave Exchange Program, there are gaps in Sick Bank coverage that could prevent you from receiving the money you need when you are unable to work. The gaps in Sick Bank coverage include:

  • An absence of 10 consecutive days must be required to receive benefits. For first time users, there is an additional 30 day wait to get into Sick Bank.
  • Pays only up to 100 employee work days
  • Does not cover family
  • No maternity coverage

Even Health Insurance is not enough to cover the gaps in Sick Bank. Health Insurance will pay bills for the doctor and hospital, but it cannot provide you with cash that can be used for everyday expenses, such as groceries, gas or utility bills. Hartford Income Protection is the only way to get paid in cash when you are injured or otherwise unable to work for maternity, illness or accidents, or when Sick Bank/Days run out.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed issue with no medical exams for this new offer
  • Benefit pays after 90 days (coordinates with your Sick Bank ending)
  • Payments made for both accident and illness on or off the job
  • Helps protect anyone not yet vested in State Teacher Retirement (under 5 years)
  • Payments made easily through Payroll deductions
  • Servicing teachers with Disability Income Insurance since 1980

Long-Term Disability 

The Long-Term Disability plan helps protect your paycheck for up to 2 years or age 67 after a serious accident or illness. It also offers professional help for disability-related challenges from legal specialists, plus financial and therapeutic counselors…

Life and AD&D ​

Life Insurance together with Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, helps keep you and your family covered in case an untimely death or accident destroys your income-earning ability… 


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