Should You Invest in Voluntary Benefits?

Common gaps in coverage

If you wait to register for these programs until you are out due to an unexpected accident, illness or pregnancy and you do not have any sick leave available, you will not receive a paycheck. Once an accident or injury occurs, it’s too late to register for Income Protection plans. In order to become eligible for Income Protection benefits, you must register prior to exhausting your sick days and to any preexisting medical conditions.

Help EPS Help You:

Pick a good supplemental plan to fill in the gaps of your current coverage;
We provide benefit options that can give you peace of mind;
And our plans are tailored to your specific needs and are created by the best in the business.

How You Can Achieve Goals with EPS:

How You Can Achieve Goals with EPS: Adding voluntary benefit plans to your existing employee benefits is a cost effective way to reach your coverage goals and achieve employee satisfaction without costing your business.

Rewarding Benefits

Voluntary benefits provide you a cafeteria-style benefit package. It helps fill in the gaps left out by your existing coverage at no cost to your organization and at an affordable rate for your employees.

Employees can add tax advantage plans to their existing benefits that use pre-tax dollars to pay for benefit costs. These programs allow you to reduce your overall share of  taxes – saving you more!